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MARC LYNN - Ray, The West Wing

GIANNI DECENZO - The Lucky One, Saint Francis

BO EASON - Runt of the Litter, Pride and Glory

TIHOMIR DUKIC - Battleship, The Equalizer

RICO McCLINTON - Battleship, America's Most Wanted

ADETOKUMBOH M'CORMACK - Captain America; The Winter Soldier, Blood Diamond

GARY WOLF - CSI: NY, Medium   |   KIP PERLSON - January Man

PENNY ALLEN - Dog Day Afternoon, Thin Red Line

DAVID BENVENISTE - Velvet Hammer Music, StreetWise Concepts & Culture

TROY BISHOP - Terms of Endearment, Scream

JONATHAN SEGAL - Norman, The Last Run

MARIEH DELFINO - Jeepers Creepers II, Auto Focus

NATALIE BURTNEY - Bermuda Tentacles, Airplane vs Volcano, Unusual Suspects


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